Digital Communications


Meet the GenusMessage Keyboard


Tired of overstuffed mailboxes, miscommunications, and hard-to-follow email threads?
GenusMessage keyboard for iOS clarifies the intent of every message
quickly and easily to streamline your mail and text.

Not another app for you to keep track of.


Nope. In fact, the GenusMessage keyboard works seamlessly
with any text, messaging and email applications on
your favorite iOS device—including Slack.


That means there's no learning curve and no new software for you to learn.


"The average person spends 6.3 hours per day

checking email with 3.2 hours devoted to work emails

and 3.1 hours to personal messages..."


It's time to simplify your digital conversations.








*From a recent online poll conducted by the Huffington Post.

The new model for

precise digital conversations.



Keep it simple.
Keep it clear.

Keep it quick.


Say more and type less.

While digital communications have evolved
from the art of letter writing, beautiful yet inefficient
for today's pace of business, GenusMessage gives you
the tools to be more efficient, more direct,
and vastly more effective.

You deserve a sticker...


That's right, customize and visualize your business communications.
GenusMessage stickers are now available for iMessage from the iTunes store.

@2016 GenusMessage and its methodology are patented.